Fall Writing Frenzy

One of my favorite writer’s contests is underway, The Fall Writing Frenzy, hosted by author Lydia Lukidis and literary agent Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. Each year children’s authors are invited to write a fall-themed story of 200 words or less that ties into a GIF provided by the contest organizers. Winners of the contest receive fabulous prizes, such as personal critiques from published authors or literary agents. Participation in the contest is a wonderful way to connect with other writers and grow one’s writing skills. Plus, it’s just plain fun. Best wishes to all contestants, and a special thanks to Lydia and Kaitlyn for organizing this event and all of the prize donors! To learn more about this contest, you can check out Lydia’s blog at: https://lydialukidis.wordpress.com/fallwritingfrenzy-2022-rules/ or Kaitlyn’s blog at:https://kaitlynleannsanchez.com/faqs-fall-writing-frenzy/ . Below is my entry and the GIF image I selected to accompany it.

Pumpkin Fun

by Julie Lerczak


When autumn winds begin to howl,  

and alley cats with arched backs yowl,                                 

when black bats swoop and flit about,          

let’s grab our friends and head on out.         


We’ll tromp and tiptoe, twist and twine,      

through fields of prickly tangled vines,         

and find a Rumbo jumbo patch,                     

of perfect pumpkins, we can snatch.              


Some may be round and very small

or dented, leaning, strangely tall.                 

They may be smooth or wear big bumps.     

Their stems could curl or look like stumps.   


We’ll cart them home and use our tools      

to make them monsters, spooks and ghouls. 

We’ll draw and scoop, then carve and shape

designs that make us gasp and gape.


We’ll stack them high and place just so.       

Get ready, set… now see them glow!           

Each gruesome, drooling, grinning face       

will razzle-dazzle this old place.                    


With jack-o-lanterns shining bright,              

we’ll pumpkin party through the night,        

by roasting seeds and gulping juice, 

then trick-or-treating on the loose.              


By crack of dawn, when we are done,                      

all tuckered from our pumpkin fun,              

the neighbor critters join for feasts              

devouring our pumpkin beasts.         


Published by littleseedsread

Hello, my name is Julie Lerczak. For over twenty-five years I worked as an educator in a variety of art, history, and anthropology museums in Illinois, Iowa, and Virginia. Then, for the last five years of my career, I was an environmental educator. I am now retired and am pursuing my dream of being a children's book author. I am a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I live in Illinois with my husband Tom and our rescued pet turtle "Tootles." When I'm not writing stories I enjoy gardening, painting, making pottery, beekeeping, photography, hiking, and traveling.

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