• Fox & Company Masks and Game
  • Growing Season Activities for Little Gardeners
  • How to Make a Pinecone Weather Station
  • Forest Friends Stick Puppets/Diorama
  • Make a May Day Basket
  • Go On a Scavenger Hunt
  • Match the Animals to Their Homes
  • Maple Seed Dragonflies
  • Seasons and Memories: 50 Things To Do Just For Fun
  • Some Simply Simple Toys
  • Firecracker Fun
  • Wildlife at the Pond
  • Busy Buzzy Bee Craft
  • Summer Night Singers Scavenger Hunt
  • Design a Pumpkin
  • Make a Leaf Mandala
  • Find the Lurking Turkeys
  • A Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page
  • Arctic Camouflage
  • Make a Valentine’s Day Suncatcher
  • Make a Snow Goose Mobile
  • Spring Breeze Pinwheel
  • A Summer Fun Checklist
  • Animal Baby Names
  • Matryoshka Dolls
  • Home-made Holiday Gifts (Sugar Scrub & “Puppy Chow” Snack Mix)
  • Pets in the Park
  • Wax-resist Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Take the Squiggle Challenge
  • Art That Rocks
  • Twine-wrapped Heart Bookmark

This activity is designed to coincide with the reading of my E-book “Cleverly…The Fox.” In the story, the reader learns about the habits of a fox and his challenges in catching food and avoiding trouble.

After reading the story to your little ones, you can extend their learning experience by helping them to make masks of the characters in the story, and act out the excitement of fox catching mice and avoiding the dog.

To download the instructions and mask patterns, right-click on the images at left and paste into a word document, then print out on your printer.

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