Rock Your World

There’s a rock in my backyard, a big mysterious pinkish rock that has a story to tell. It came with the property. And I’m pretty positive that one of the previous homeowners picked it up and dragged it home with the feeling that they’d made an important discovery. They were likely intrigued or inspired byContinue reading “Rock Your World”

Love –  Spelling it Out for Others

This month, I want to talk about something that has become a great source of sadness and a peeve for me – the demise of letter writing, particularly the sending of thank-you notes. Now, please don’t dismiss me as a dinosaur who can’t roll with the changes of a world filled with technological advances andContinue reading “Love –  Spelling it Out for Others”

Home-made for the Holidays

I come from a long line of “makers” – a family that always made things from scratch and enjoyed creative outlets. Part of this tradition was rooted in poverty and necessity. As one would expect, my Depression-era grandparents looked at every scrap of fabric, wood, paper, etc., as having the potential to become something usefulContinue reading “Home-made for the Holidays”

Celebrating a Success

Greetings Friends! I’m a little late in posting this month. Honestly, it’s been such a busy fall, and I don’t know where the time has gone.  I’m sure many of you can relate. This month, rather than post an essay on my musings about life, I’m sharing an interview I did with my author friend,Continue reading “Celebrating a Success”

Fall Writing Frenzy

One of my favorite writer’s contests is underway, The Fall Writing Frenzy, hosted by author Lydia Lukidis and literary agent Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. Each year children’s authors are invited to write a fall-themed story of 200 words or less that ties into a GIF provided by the contest organizers. Winners of the contest receive fabulousContinue reading “Fall Writing Frenzy”

Wild Ways

I just finished reviewing a delightful children’s picture book called Moon by Alison Oliver, which you can read about under the Recommended Reads section of my blog. The story reminds us that everyone has a need to be a little bit wild. What “wild” means from one person to the next, no doubt varies considerably. For me being “wild”Continue reading “Wild Ways”

Everyday Heroes

Recently I was asked to review a new children’s book, Tell Me a Story, Babushka, by Carola Schmidt. You can read my review under the Recommended Reads section of this blog. The story is very moving and relatable and has inspired this month’s essay topic – everyday heroes. In this age, theaters are constantly debutingContinue reading “Everyday Heroes”