Spring Fling Writing Contest

Just recently I’ve begun to enter writing contests for children’s picture book writers. I love the challenge each contest presents because of the word limit restrictions. The following is my entry for the 2022 Spring Fling Writing Contest hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal.

In Spring There Were Wings

by Julie Lerczak

For five long years, Lily lived beneath the water –first as an egg, nestled among the lotus.

Then she developed into her nymph body.

But Lily would transform many more times.

Every spring her body began to feel tight and cramped.

Then, a split formed along her spine, and a new body pushed its way out.  

Changing was frightening at first, but such a relief when she could stretch out.

Lily felt more changes coming. But this time she needed more than a stretch of the legs.

She crept from the water, up a cattail stalk.

CRAAAACCCK, went her back and out spilled her new improved body with two giant eyes, four glistening wings, and a long blue abdomen. 

It was her finest metamorphosis!  

Her wings began to twitch then beat rapidly.

She leaped into the air, ready to explore the world… a dragonfly, at last.

Published by littleseedsread

Hello, my name is Julie Lerczak. For over twenty-five years I worked as an educator in a variety of art, history, and anthropology museums in Illinois, Iowa, and Virginia. Then, for the last five years of my career, I was an environmental educator. I am now retired and am pursuing my dream of being a children's book author. I am a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I live in Illinois with my husband Tom and our rescued pet turtle "Tootles." When I'm not writing stories I enjoy gardening, painting, making pottery, beekeeping, photography, hiking, and traveling.

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